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the Aero Metals Difference:

Our company overview

Service strategy

What’s it like to do business with us?

How we add value

"What does our history mean to you? The entrepreneurial spirit on which founder Jim Fleming began building Aero Metals in 1961 has always been a part of our culture and a compass in our hiring process.

Quite simply, you get more than one of the industry’s most experienced resources. You get a team with a genuine enthusiasm for the science of investment casting, and the discovery of how it can solve your unique production issue."

–Bob Stowell, President & CEO

Problem Solvers to the Core

Wherever you are on the path to realizing your vision...

  • you have a new, but challenging, design idea?
  • a component proving to be fickle in the investment casting process?
  • a current supplier relationship that is less than reliable?

Aero Metals has a history of solving problems and a personality that’s always looking to tackle the next one.

The advantage to you is distinctive among other investment casting suppliers:

a Unique Service Strategy

We carefully maintain our roster size to offer the capacity our customers need, without sacrificing the accessibility and support they want. Learn more.

an Easy Way to Do Business

You can engage us on any consultative level and trust that the process will be as satisfying as the result, even if it requires a shift on the fly. Learn more.

an Undeniable Added Value

No other supplier promises a greater potential to innovate, drive out cost, and control quality. Learn more.