Nickel-Based Metal Castings

Material 610: Ni Nickel-Based Alloy Castings, Diesel Truck Engine Component, Engine Industry
Material 610: Ni Nickel-Based Alloy Castings, Diesel Truck Engine Component, Automotive
Ni Nickel-Based Alloy Castings, Housing, Aerospace Industry
Ni Nickel-Based Alloy Castings, Housing, Aerospace

Customers can choose from a selection of commonly used air melted nickel-based alloys for their metal investment cast projects. In many cases wrought components have equivalent casting alloy specification and can easily be converted without derogation. When converting from a previously designed wrought component to a nickel-based casting, the nickel-based steel alloy casting design can usually be made to improve productivity and reduce total costs.

Nickel-Based Alloys for Metal Investment Casting

Alloy choice is a very important aspect of part design. Choosing the right nickel-based alloy is dependent on several factors, including the environment the nickel-based casting will be exposed to while in service. Furthermore, if the nickel-based casting is going to be used in conjunction with a wrought component (i.e. welding two components together) it is important to have a preliminary discussion with our metallurgist to ensure you choose the appropriate chemistry and material properties suitable for your application.

There are several names for nickel-based alloys in the market place. Many commonly heard names are Monel®, Hastalloy®, and Inconel®. These are all trademark names of nickel-based alloys, of which the ASTM specifications make accessible to everyone. Nickel-based alloys are known for their oxidation and corrosion resistant properties in harsh environments and high-temperature applications.

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Our team of Aero Metals’ engineers (link to Engineering Page) will guide you through the many choices of nickel-based steel alloys that we have available for your next project. Here are some of the most commonly used nickel-based alloys our customers use:

Nickel-Based Alloys

  • Ni Alloy B:
  1. 1.     ASTM A 494 N12MV
  2. 2.     ASTM A 494 N7M
  3. 1.     ASM 5388
  4. 2.     ASTM A 494 CW12MW
  5. 3.     ASTM A 494 CW6M
  6. 4.     ASTM A 494 CW2M
  7. 5.     ASTM A 494 CX2MW
  8. 1.     AMS 5390
  9. 1.     ASTM A 494 CY40
  10. 1.     ASTM A 494 CW6MC
  • Ni Alloy C
  • Ni Alloy X
  • IN 610
  • IN 625

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If you don’t see the alloy that you are looking for, we can pour any “air melted” nickel-based steel alloy. Contact us to have our resident metallurgist help in choosing an alloy for your project, or request a quote today.