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Material CA87600: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Barrel Band, Firearms

Copper Based Castings

Brass Castings, Bronze Castings & Silicon Copper Alloy Castings

Like many other alloys, copper and copper-based alloys can be formed into highly complex parts, making them ideal for the investment casting process. Constant cost fluctuations can make these materials very price sensitive, making waste very costly, especially when considering CNC machining and/or forging as a manufacturing process to produce your production part.

Using investment casting, Aero Metals can produce both low and high volume runs of copper-based castings at net or near-net shape, which eliminates the additional machining required when using a forging or machining a part from billet. Both require costly CNC machine time, and provide a low return on scrap alloy material. This makes investment casting a highly effective alternative to these other specialized processes when producing highly complex production parts.

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Brass Castings

Aero Metals Inc. can produce precision castings using copper and a variety of copper-based alloy materials. Perhaps the most common are brass castings. Brass alloys, also known as “red-brass” or “yellow-brass” alloys, are mostly used in plumbing and door hardware due to their finishing and polishing qualities. Additionally, because U.S. environmental regulations have limited the allowable lead content in brass plumbing fixtures to minimize the leaching of lead particles into drinking water, the copper industry has developed a line of “EnviroBrass®” (SeBiLOY®) alloys that have all but eliminated lead, making them standard materials in the drinking water industry.

Bronze Castings

Bronze, most often used in bearings and similar components, is also a copper-based alloy, and is a very adaptable material that offers a broad range of properties from a wide selection of alloys and compositions. All bronzes have similar compositions and properties, but it is the added elements (tin, lead, aluminum, manganese) which provide the desired performance for the environment in which the alloy is used. Tin, for example, provides added strength. Lead increases bronze’s lubricity, but results in a decrease in strength. Increased aluminum and manganese content creates an ideal bronze alloy for applications that require both corrosion resistance and high strength.

Beryllium Copper Castings

Copper-beryllium, also known as beryllium-copper, is another copper based alloy that Aero Metals Inc. pours on a regular basis and is used primarily in aerospace applications. This copper alloy is very expensive, but beryllium copper castings offer tremendous strength, high conductivity, and extremely low sparking, and are very friendly to machining. These attributes make beryllium-copper castings ideal for specialized, high reliability applications. For more information on the strongest of the copper-based alloys, visit our beryllium copper casting page.

Casting Copper Alloys

Aero Metals has been providing precision, copper-based castings to our customers for decades. Some of the most common copper-based castings we provide include:

Aluminum Bronze Casting

  • CA95200 (Slides, landing gear parts, marine engine parts)
  • CA95300 (High temperature applications)
  • CA95400 (Gears, pumps)
  • CA95500 (Bushings, gears, high strength mechanisms)
  • CA95800 (Saltwater-exposed parts)

Silicon Copper Alloy Casting

  • CA87600 (Various applications; replaces less eco-friendly bronzes)

Manganese Bronze Casting

  • CA86300 (Bearings, and gears)
  • CA86400 (Brackets, replace machine parts, lever arms, marine fittings and propellers)
  • CA86500 (Functional, strength required parts)

If you don’t see the alloy your application requires listed above, Aero Metals has the ability to pour any “air melted” copper or copper-based alloy. Contact Aero Metals to have our resident metallurgist help you choose the best alloy for your application and performance requirements.

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Material CA87600: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Firearms Barrel Band, Firearms Industry

Material Cooper Silicon 876: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Locomotive Engine Component, Heavy Equipment

Material Cooper Silicon 876: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Rail Locomotive Engine Component, Engine Industry

Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Lock Hardware Cylinder, Security/Door/Lock Hardware

Material Silicon Brass C87500: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Firearms Machinery Insert, Construction Industry

Material Silicon Brass C87500: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Machinery Insert, Construction Hand Tools

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