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Cast Part Engineering

With many years of combined experience under their belts, the experts at Aero Metals knows what works best in the investment casting process. We’ve found that just a few small changes to a part design can add up to big savings in both production time and cost. To that end, we offer engineering and design assistance to make your cast parts easier and less expensive to produce.

Optimized Design = Reduced Time & Cost

Our team will work with your product engineers to optimize part designs for more efficient production. Though we don’t know the entire process involved in making your product, we can make the casting process easier by identifying and eliminating potential problem areas in your designs. Optimized designs can reduce or eliminate the need for machining or other secondary operations, and can significantly reduce material use and cost.

We take great care to ensure that your finished parts will still deliver the same functionality as the original design. All changes will be noted and presented for approval before production begins, and all final designs belong solely to your company. Take a look at our Featured Cast Parts page to see what we helped our OEM's achieve.

We’ve worked with basic designs sketched on napkins, sophisticated 3D CAD models, and everything in between. There are almost no limits to the design possibilities with investment casting, so we can efficiently and effectively turn nearly any concept into a tangible product. Really the only stumbling block we encounter is when our customers don’t fully express their requirements—let us know your full expectations, and we will meet or exceed them!

Beyond Design Engineering

In addition to design modifications, we can also suggest the material or materials that will work best for your cast parts. We work with upwards of 200 different ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys, and can identify the one that will provide the characteristics most advantageous to the performance of your parts. With a metallurgical specialist on staff, we can also engineer specialty alloys that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Our in-house tooling capabilities ensure that your meticulously engineered designs are cast with perfect precision and repeatability.

Contact Aero Metals today to get started with design engineering for your cast parts.