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Investment Casting for the Aftermarket Automotive Industry

Construction equipment, forklifts, tractors, agricultural machinery, and specialty large trucks all make up a unique division of the automotive industry that we depend upon every day. You expect replacement parts to be high-quality and high-performance for your off-highway vehicles and heavy machinery. Aero Metals has produced advanced metal casting solutions for over 60 years. Our role in automotive precision casting is largely centered around the aftermarket, or replacement parts not made by the original manufacturer (OEM). Investment casting is a highly accurate process with complex design capabilities, making it ideal for the production of aftermarket parts for heavy trucks, machinery, and off-road vehicles.

With cost savings and shorter lead times compared to fabrication and machining, precision casting is an efficient process that produces durable replacement components for various applications, including construction & agriculture machinery. Aero Metals utilizes multiple metal casting quality inspections to guarantee that every part and component meets our high standards and tight tolerances. Our team is made up of experienced, highly skilled engineers, toolmakers, and foundry and production technicians who will work with you. Tell us your specs, deadline, preferences and budget to get started on your automotive investment casting needs. Request a quote today to work with someone from our one-stop shop or contact Aero Metals to learn more about automotive precision casting.

Automotive Investment Cast Parts

Automotive parts and components need to be durable to maintain their quality through wear and tear and environmental conditions. Metal Casting is most beneficial for producing complex automotive products. Aero Metals has proven casting techniques that have been developed with decades of experience in order to deliver castings that match your custom design with tight tolerances.

This lost wax casting process allows for excellent corrosion resistance and high load bearing properties. If you are looking for detailed replacement components with high quality standards, Aero Metals can help you with your automotive needs. OEM Manufacturers rely on Aero Metals castings because of our use of tightly regulated processes and specifications, so contact us if you are looking for aftermarket off-road vehicle and heavy truck parts.

Our automotive products and replacement car parts are all made in the U.S.A. and custom manufactured according to customer specifications.

Investment Casting Materials

At Aero Metals, we work with many different metals & alloys to craft high-durability investment cast parts and components for all automotive applications.

Aluminum is most often used for aftermarket replacement parts due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum is also known for its corrosion resistance, conductivity of thermal and electrical, and resistance to high temperatures.

Other material options include:

Custom Automotive Aftermarket Casting

Investment casting provides faster production times and inexpensive manufacturing costs, making it an affordable and convenient solution for multiple industries. For the automotive industry, we’ve produced a variety of investment cast replacement parts and components.

Our expertise includes heavy truck and off-road vehicle components and hardware, from sensor housings to diesel truck engine components. At Aero Metals, we provide everything from cast metal pre-production prototypes through fully finished part production and assembly of complex finished products. View our work gallery here.

Your #1 Aftermarket Automotive Investment Casting Manufacturer

OEM Manufacturers depend on Aero Metals for automotive investment castings, so you can rely on our off-road vehicle & heavy truck components as well as our aftermarket replacement car parts. We offer superior service in the precision casting industry with over 60 years of experience and a commitment to quality. You can trust Aero Metals to replicate complex parts to your exact specifications. Request a quote to get started on your custom automotive precision casting or contact us to talk with an expert.