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Investment Casting for the Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry is responsible for putting food on our tables, rain or shine, which is why agricultural equipment must be manufactured to perform in the most strenuous conditions. When it comes to the production of complex farming equipment and machinery, investment casting is one of the most common manufacturing processes used, in part, due to its ability to meet tight tolerances. With short lead times, reduced waste, and little secondary machining required, investment casting offers an inexpensive and efficient method for producing the highly durable parts required for demanding agricultural applications.

Aero Metals has over 60 years of experience producing investment cast parts for a variety of challenging applications. Quality is our top-priority, which is why we provide in-house verification and NDT product-testing services to meet all necessary industry requirements. Our qualified team of engineers will work with your specs, material preferences, deadlines, and budget to ensure you receive the high quality components you need, when you need them. Contact us for more information or request a quote today to get started.  

Benefits of Precision Investment Casting for Agricultural Applications

Agricultural components must be able to maintain structural integrity under harsh environmental conditions. As a lost wax casting process, investment casting can provide durable, detailed parts with long life-cycles, high load bearing properties, and excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, investment casting also allows for faster production and inexpensive tooling costs, making it a convenient and affordable option for a variety of industries.

All our agricultural & farm products are made in the U.S.A. and designed according to customer specifications. From raw casting to complete manufacturing and assembly, Aero Metals has the capabilities and expertise necessary to cater to all your project needs. 

Alloys & Metals Used for Investment Cast Farm Equipment & Machinery

We work with several different types of alloys and metals to create high quality investment cast components for any farming application. Material options include:

Agricultural Wear Parts & Tillage Tools

We have years of expertise producing a variety of investment cast wear parts & tillage tools for the agricultural market. Our experience includes:

  • Pump valves & valve parts
  • Measuring & control devices
  • Vehicle components & hardware
  • Manifolds & brackets
  • Levers, handles, & latches
  • Parts for waste removal equipment
  • Rotary disks
  • Pivots
  • Clutch pins
  • And more

Your #1 Agricultural Component Casting Manufacturer

For medium to long-run investment cast production, count on the experts at Aero Metals. We maintain ISO:9001 and all necessary certifications to best serve our customers’ quality standards. For more information regarding agricultural casting capabilities or to talk to an expert, contact us. Request a quote today to take advantage of our precision casting or casting-based assembly services for your agricultural needs.