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Berrylium Copper Casting part next to a nickel

Investment Casting Alloys

With a team that is 100% dedicated to quality precision investment casting, Aero Metals delivers high quality investment casted parts that provide outstanding benefits that are extremely reliable.

Precision investment metal alloy casting utilizes numerous types of materials to produce a wide range of part sizes that maintain exceptional accuracy.

At Aero Metals, we cater to the challenges of producing advanced quality complex parts. Our investment casting experts have the knowledge and expertise to replicate your complex parts to your exact specifications. We guarantee a level of quality other investment casters simply cannot match.

Contact Aero Metals for more information regarding our technologically advanced investment metal alloy casting methods, or call us at 219-326-1976 and we will gladly answer any precision investment casting questions that you may have. Aero Metals is your premier source for high quality, high-volume investment casting services.

Investment Casting Alloy Material Options

Precision investment castings can be created from an almost limitless variety of investment casting alloys. The metals we work with include but are not limited to the following materials.

The Aero Metals Advantage for Precision Investment Casting

There are several reasons to choose Aero Metals as your source for precision investment castings. Our expert team is results driven and provides the following approach to your investment casting needs.

  • Engineering centric with a metal casting focus
  • Custom design and build your tools in house
  • Extensive experience with complex geometries and hard-to-manufacture parts
  • Capable of handling high-volume investment castings
  • Numerous material options, including ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • In-house CNC machining capabilities to complete your metal castings
  • One-stop shop for investment castings and casting-based assemblies
  • Guaranteed consistent quality
  • Our team is comprised of highly-skilled, very experienced toolmakers, engineers, foundry and production technicians you won’t find anywhere else.


With top notch metal casting quality, testing and inspection standards, Aero Metals is a trusted source for premium grade precision investment casting services for a variety of industries.


Request a quote today or contact Aero Metals for more information.