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Investment Castings for Aerospace

Material 17-4: Stainless Steel Alloy Castings, Cargo System Component, Aerospace Industry
Material 17-4: Stainless Steel Alloy Castings, Cargo System Pedal, Aerospace
Material A356: Aluminum Alloy Castings, Sensor Component, Aerospace Industry
Material A356: Aluminum Alloy Castings, Sensor Component, Aerospace
Ni Nickel-Based Alloy Castings, Housing, Aerospace Industry
Ni Nickel-Based Alloy Castings, Housing Stem, Aerospace

High Precision Investment Castings for Aerospace & Aviation

Aero Metals Inc. has been an investment casting supplier to Aerospace and Aviation customers for close to four decades producing hundreds-of-thousands precision near and near-net shape cast parts to AS9001 standards. Our parts can be found on almost every commercial jet liner in the world. We work with numerous alloys, including stainless steel, low-carbon steel, ductile iron, aluminum, and specialty alloys like beryllium copper, to create high precision, high durability parts.

OEM, Tier One and Two manufacturers depend on Aero Metals castings to meet tight tolerances using tightly controlled processes and specifications backed by high quality standards.

Parts we produce for aerospace and aviation applications include:

  • Interior components
  • Exterior and interior sensors, motion control and actuation systems
  • Hydraulic fluid system components
  • Cargo Systems
  • Landing and braking components
  • Flight critical and safety components
  • Bearing cages

These castings require the absolute highest amount of engineering, production control and 100% visual inspection from wax to final packaging. Our on-site NADCAP inspection of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods allows us to provide our customers’ customers with a tremendous degree of assurance in our final product.  Ensuring our customers receive the most reliable and cost-effective aircraft parts available anywhere.

We can get your project off the CAD program and provide prototype parts. Our production volumes range from low lot quantities to several thousand. Let the experts at Aero Metals help you with your high volume or recurring order needs.  Whatever your project demands, we have the knowledge and the experience and we are there to support you.

For more information about our aerospace capabilities, or to talk to an expert, please Contact Aero Metals or Get a Quote today on precision casting or casting-based assembly for your aerospace application.

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