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Investment casting as a manufacturing process provides the design freedom necessary to produce quality firearm components for the military and commercial markets. With shorter lead times, reducing waste, and only requiring tight tolerance (less than 0.005”) secondary machining, investment casting offers a cost competitive and efficient alternate method for high volume CNC production runs for a wide range of firearm components.

Aero Metals has over 40 years of experience producing investment cast parts for a variety of challenging applications. We hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and Special Operation Tax (SOT) Stamp and host an on-site NADCAP approved testing facility, allowing us to design and test every product according to necessary MIL-STD-2175 requirements, among other quality standards. Our qualified team of engineers can work with your specs, material preferences, deadlines, and budget to ensure you receive the high quality components you need, when you need them. Contact us for more information or request a quote today to get started.

Investment Casting for Firearm Components

Investment Castings for FirearmsAs a lost wax casting process, investment casting incorporates more detail than sand casting or forging, allowing us to produce high-strength precision components to near-net shapes. Our qualified engineers use advanced CNC equipment to build high volume production run tooling. This tooling produces little to no variation between parts, resulting in a lower cost per unit compared to other manufacturing methods.

All our firearm components are made in the U.S.A. and designed according to customer’s design specifications. From unfinished steel and stainless steel castings to complete and plated for assembly, Aero Metals has the capabilities and expertise necessary to cater to any design requirement.

Gun Components for Military & Commercial Applications

 Investment Cast Firearm ComponentsJoin the network of military and commercial firearm manufacturers across the country who trust Aero Metals to produce investment cast parts for their firearm assemblies. Our firearm experience includes:

  • 1911 Frames
  • AR*/M*/AK* trigger components
  • Various sub-, light, & medium machine gun parts
  • Magazine release
  • Operating rods
  • Investment cast gun hammers
  • Investment cast gun triggers
  • Investment cast bolts, handles, & stops
  • Slides
  • Disassembly levers
  • Investment cast safeties, hinges, & locks
  • Investment cast mounts, sights, & housings

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Military Certifications & Standards

For medium to long-run investment cast production, count on the experts at Aero Metals. We maintain ISO, FFL (type 07), and SOT certifications to best serve our customers’ quality standards. For more information regarding our gun casting capabilities or to talk to an expert, contact us. Request a quote today to take advantage of our precision casting or casting-based assembly services for your firearm application.

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