Investment Castings for Firearms

Investment Castings for Firearms

The most commonly used casting process used in the firearms industry is the investment cast process. For years, many well-respected manufacturers have reaped the benefits of the investment casting process allowing them the design freedom to produce firearms their way—providing a quality component for their challenging application.

Precision Investment Castings for Firearms Manufacturers

Firearms manufacturers produce and sell precision, and they come to Aero Metals for the finest domestically produced investment cast components available in the U.S.A. Investment metal casting (lost wax casting process) starts with precision wax forms and incorporate are more detail than sand casting or forging. Investment casting can produce precision parts to near-net shape from steel and other high-strength alloys. Companies purchase investment castings to minimize the amount of metal needing to be removed. When combining this with modern CNC equipment, it is possible to produce extremely uniform parts with little to no variation between parts for a lower cost per unit than other manufacturing methods.

Material CA87600: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Firearms Barrel Band, Firearms
Material CA87600: Cu Copper-Based Alloy Casting, Barrel Band, Firearms

Aero Metals has over 40 years of experience producing various firearm components for both the military and commercial markets. Everything we make is to the customer’s design specifications—from raw casting to machined complete and plated ready for assembly. We also have a NADCAP Non-Destructive testing facility on-site to perform the necessary requirements of MIL-STD-2175 or any other requirement. Aero Metals also holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) type 07 – Manufacturer of Firearms to better serve our customer’s quality needs.

Our firearms experience includes:

  • 1911 Frames
  • AR*/M*/AK* Trigger Components
  • Various Sub-, Light, and Medium Machine Gun parts
  • Magazine Release
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Operating Rods
  • Hammers
  • Triggers
  • Bolts, Handles, and Stops
  • Slides
  • Disassembly Lever
  • Safeties, Hinges, and Locks
  • Mounts, Sights, and Housings
  • And, other Accessories and Tools

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