Military & Defense

Material A356: Aluminum Alloy Castings, Sensor Electronic Assembly, Military Industry
Material A356: Aluminum Alloy Castings, Housing Electronic Assembly, Military & Defense

We know that the soldiers that serve us depend on our castings to do their job well.  And, because of that, we take the castings requirements for defense and military customers very seriously. We are an ITAR registered, NADCAP certified Non-destructive testing, have a Cage Code and an FFL license with experience selling to both prime and sub-prime contractors and military purchasers alike. Their needs are various, stringent, and at times complex. The need a precision foundry that pours a wide selection of materials and alloys to the exacting standards of Military and Defense specifications. 

For over 55 years Aero Metals, Inc. has been supplying casting solutions to some of the most critical projects, including numerous castings for a wide range of military and defense applications. Although the majority of our customers are prime contractors to the United States Department of Defense and Homeland Security, we understand what we do could save lives.

Extensive Experience with Precision Investment Castings for Defense Applications

Unsurprisingly, we insist on employing the highest quality procedures and materials to ensure that our metal is 100% traceable to National Standards specifications. Most recently, we produced cast molds for armored vehicles, electronic housings for guidance systems, missile components, injection seat components, receivers for sonar and radar equipment, various firearm and heavy armament components. Additionally, we have created castings for microwave horns and elbows and other shipboard components.

If you are a military and/or defense contractor or buy castings for military equipment or vehicles, we want to put our expertise to work for you. Please contact us and let’s team up to provide the best for the “Best and the Brightest” – the U.S. Military men and women.