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Precision Investment Castings: Casting Metal ‘Super Components’

When design complexity, tolerance control and repeatability are the name of the game, investment casting is by far the most cost-effective solution compared to other methods of producing metal parts and assemblies.

But there’s more.

When you leverage the engineering expertise of Aero Metals, together we can explore ways in which this incredible metal casting process can also dramatically improve performance.

Check out what these other OEMs have achieved.

Boat Propeller
Boat Prop
Investment casting a super high-strength alloy
allowed engineers to push design limits that, in turn, set a new single-engine water speed record.
    Door Lock
Frame Block Component (for an Ag Equipment Planter)
Multiple contours and surface angles were just the beginning. Engineers also developed a way to cast this part with the compound angled holes that enable the OEM to use a complete thread during assembly—a must if the part was going to have the strength to perform in its heavy-use application.


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