The Investment Casting Process

An Ancient Art | A Perfect Science

The process begins with a precision-engineered wax replica of the desired end product—the key to achieving such a detailed casting. The wax replica is produced from a wax injection mold that is built here at Aero Metals and can reproduce millions of wax parts over its lifetime.

This wax “pattern” is dipped into ceramic slurry several times, drying between each dip, to form a strong ceramic coat or shell. Within a high pressure and heat vessel, the wax is then melted out and forms the ceramic mold.  The ceramic mold is then cured in a high heat oven. This mold is then used to cast molten metal into what will become a net- or near-net finished part. In a final, post-casting stage, Aero Metals is fully equipped to handle any finishing, if necessary.

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