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Precision Cast 1911 Frames from Aero Metals & AMI Defense

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New endeavor from Aero Metals provides premium quality, precision cast 1911 receivers for gunsmiths & firearms enthusiasts alike.

17 November 2016—La Porte, IN—After several years of participating in and exhibiting at the NSSF SHOT Show, the firearms industry’s largest trade show, Aero Metals, Inc. hit upon a winning idea: to provide nearly complete, precision cast 1911 receivers for firearms enthusiasts and gunsmiths. To promote their new venture, Aero Metals has launched a new website,

Originally developed by American firearms designer John Browning in 1911 (hence the name), the 1911 pistol design quickly became the standard for military sidearms, and it remains an industry standard to this day. Aero Metals/AMI Defense’s precision cast 1911 receivers follow Browning’s original designs almost to a T. The only notable modification is a higher cut under the trigger guard.

Though they follow standard designs, the quality and affordability of Aero Metals’ 1911 frames far surpasses the competition. Other manufacturers’ “commercial grade” cast receivers are often affected by porosity (small pockets of gas that create internal voids in the cast metal as it cools), which can lead to problems when machining the receivers.

AMI Defense’s 1911 frames are engineered to eliminate design flaws and cast to meet “aerospace class and grade” quality requirements. Though it’s nearly impossible to completely remove porosity when casting metal, Aero Metals has significantly reduced porosity in their 1911 receivers, both in the total number of porous pockets and the size of the remaining voids.

AMI Defense starts with premium quality, aerospace grade materials—their 1911 frames are available in 4140 carbon steel, 416 stainless steel, and 17-4 PH stainless steel. But, because quality materials alone are not enough to create a quality product, Aero Metals makes full use of their 55-plus years of precision casting experience and their proven casting techniques. This superior craftsmanship elevates AMI Defense’s 1911 receivers to a higher level of quality.

The company’s precision cast 1911 frames are shipped 80 percent complete. This means that 80 percent of the required machining is completed in-house by Aero Metals, using state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Every feature except the hammer hole, the sear hole, and the top rails are machined prior to shipment. Difficult to machine features, such as the feed ramp, are cast in and require no further machining or finishing.

“Our goal with AMI Defense is to manufacture the highest quality 1911 cast frames in the industry for the firearm enthusiast and the gunsmith alike,” said Mike Meyer, director of sales and marketing at Aero Metals. As such, the company welcomes user feedback so that they can continue to refine their processes and deliver an even higher quality product.

Aero Metals, a leading investment casting company, has been manufacturing high quality, high precision cast metal parts and products for customers in all industries since 1962. They are an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified company.

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