Investment Cast Alloys

investment castings

Can Be a Game Changer for You

You’ve imagined a new product design with the potential to set your company apart from the competition. But, perhaps, you’re now facing a difficult challenge. The new, complex parts you’ve envisioned are a revolutionary innovation, but you fear they will be too expensive to manufacture. Would you believe us if we told you we can manufacture parts to your exact specifications at an affordable price?

It’s true!

Investment casting is a manufacturing method that provides accuracy, repeatability and cost-efficiency. We manufacture investment castings for a broad range of applications, from aircraft parts to lock hardware. 

Think Outside the Mold

With investment casting—or, what is often called lost wax casting—you can literally pour the most intricate and sophisticated metal parts into a net- or near-net shape, with very little to no need for machining, threading, assembly or other finishing stages.

Working with Aero Metals, a fully integrated, engineering-centric investment casting specialist, you can push your design boundaries, while streamlining production, to achieve your most ambitious product innovations.

The Aero Metals Advantage

Why should you choose Aero Metals as your source for investment castings?

  • We’re engineering centric with a metal casting focus
  • We design and build  your tools in house
  • We have extensive experience with complex geometries and hard-to-manufacture parts
  • We work with a broad range of materials, including ferrous and non ferrous alloys
  • We have in-house CNC machining capabilities to complete your metal castings
  • We’re a one-stop shop for investment castings and casting-based assemblies
  • We guarantee consistent quality
  • Our team is comprised of highly-skilled, very experienced toolmakers, engineers, foundry and production technicians you won’t find anywhere else.

Contact Aero Metals

To learn more, click here to Start a Project or call Aero Metals at 219-326-1976, to discuss your project with one of our engineering team members.